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Childbirth Education Class

Next class series starts on April 3, 2020

Description: This class will focus on natural childbirth, in any setting. Discussion will focus on understanding the birth process, natural pain management techniques, reducing fear and increasing confidence in birth. This class will benefit expecting parents who wish to have a natural birth for hospital births, birth center, and home births. 


Location:    Upstairs Yoga & Wellness Cafe 

                    2038 Pacific Ave., Forest Grove OR, 97116

Cost: $250/couple 

Instructor: Desi Lang CPM, LDM (ph: 503-567-8313)  I’ve been doing birth work for 13 years, including doula work and midwifery care primarily in birth centers and home birth. My training has included childbirth education, newborn care and behavior, anatomy and physiology, herbal medicine, labor support, birth and emergency skills, lactation support, and so much more. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Midwifery and am a licensed midwife in Oregon. I grew up in Forest Grove, and am excited to support the families in this community.


Next series April 3rd-May 8th, 2020

  • Class 1-

    • Basic Anatomy & Physiology of birth

    • Importance of Nutrition and Movement

    • Making choices for yourself and your baby

  • Class 2-

    • What happens to your body during labor and birth. 

    • Hormones during labor.

    • The nitty gritty details (Poop, noise, and nudity)

  • Class 3-

    • Pain Management and Coping techniques

    • Physical and Emotional support during labor

    • Benefits of doulas

  • Class 4-

    • Preparing for labor

    • Waiting patiently for baby

    • Preparing for the unexpected

  • Class 5-

    • Newborn Care

    • Postpartum Care

    • Getting enough sleep

  • Class 6-

    • All about Breastfeeding

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